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Lila T. Forro - NC Legacy Planning

Lila T. Forro

Lila ForroI was born in Hartford, Connecticut, lived in Indiana, Virginia and Texas and happily became a North Carolina resident in 1988. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in English from Roanoke College in 1975. In 1994, I obtained my Juris Doctorate degree from the North Carolina Central University evening law program, after working as a paralegal and federal court clerk during the day while attending law school at night. I have practiced in the areas of public benefits and Social Security law since 1996, as a staff attorney at Legal Aid of North Carolina and as an attorney in private practice. I am a member of the North Carolina Bar Association and the North Carolina Advocates for Justice. I am admitted to practice in the Eastern, Middle and Western Districts of the United States District Court. As a member of the North Carolina State Bar, I am licensed to assist my clients with estate planning.

As an only child, I have experienced the difficulty of helping parents who failed to plan for the time when they could no longer live independently. In their late 80s, my mother and father were both diagnosed with dementia and mobility problems. The determination and stubbornness that had helped my parents survive childhood poverty, the Great Depression and military service during World War II (Mom was a WAVE, Dad was in the Army Air Force) no longer mattered when they became too sick to care for themselves. They were confused and afraid over what would become of them. My goal is to help my clients to avoid this heartbreaking situation by creating an estate plan that anticipates their future needs due to incapacity or death.