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The Internet of Medical Things
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are looking to the future of the US health care system, and it[...]
Veterans Nursing Homes – VA Releases Internal Rankings
In an unprecedented move furthering transparency within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) it has released the internal rankings of[...]
5 Reasons to Become a Tech Savvy Senior
5 Reasons to Become a Tech Savvy SeniorAlthough the “digital divide” is closing, there are still many senior citizens who[...]
Avoiding Guardianship
Avoiding GuardianshipWhat is a guardianship?A guardianship is usually defined as a protective legal proceeding for someone who is incapacitated and[...]
Dementia and Driving
Driving and DementiaMany Americans have to hang up their car keys for good due to dementia. There is an increasing[...]
New Medicare Cards
New Medicare CardsThe United States government has started creating new Medicare cards to all Medicare recipients. To help prevent identity[...]
Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?
Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?For most people, maintaining the proper caloric intake and eating a balanced diet will generally[...]
Understanding Palliative Care
Understanding Palliative CarePalliative care is a new trend in medicine to provide comfort for the symptoms of the disease while[...]
Benefits for Wartime Veterans
Benefits for Wartime Veterasn There are many benefits available to wartime veterans, surviving spouses, and children. First let’s discuss who[...]
5 Things for an Estate Plan
5 Things Your Estate Plan Needs as You Age Estate planning is important for people of all ages, but as[...]
Two Great Books About Aging
Two Great Books on AgingMillions of Americans are facing aging essentially alone. One in three baby boomers is single or[...]
Memory Care Innovations
Memory Care InnovationsIn 2016 alone, more than 2.5 million Baby Boomers turned 70 years old, the youngest boomers hitting age[...]
VA Burial Benefits
VA Burial BenefitsVA burial benefits are paid to the families of all eligible veterans, but it is important to understand[...]
Estate Planning for Young Families
Estate Planning for Young FamiliesMany new parents ask us why they need an estate plan. After all, young families usually do[...]
Health Care Power of Attorney
Health Care Power of AttorneyIf the time comes that you cannot make your own health care decisions, who will make[...]